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                Some imported imports of semi-trailer tractors were recalled and replaced by bolts.
                Auther: Pubdate:2018-05-08

                A few days ago, daimlerk bus (China) Co., Ltd. put on a recall plan to the General Administration of quality inspection, and since September 12, 2017, it recalled a part of the aqtus series semi - Trailer, which was produced during the period from November 16, 2016 to May 10, 2017, which was produced during the period from November 16, 2016 to May 10, 2017. According to the company's statistics, there are a total of 55 vehicles in mainland China.
                In the scope of the recall, the pre tightening bolts in the stop bolt assembly of the high and low gear groups of the gearbox may be loosened, which makes the stop bolt travel smaller, the motion is limited, and the shift between the high and low gear can not be carried out. It may lead to gear shifting difficulties, gearbox failure and so on.
                Daimlerk bus (China) Co., Ltd. will check the stop bolts of the high and low gear set for the vehicles in the recall range and replace the stop bolts if necessary in order to eliminate the defects. The stock vehicle will be sold after the defect is eliminated.
                The related user should be driving carefully, if the shift fault occurs, the driver should turn on the danger warning light. In the case of safety, the vehicle will be stopped quickly and not delayed, and then contact the Mercedes Benz Truck authorization service center. Users should contact the dealer as soon as possible after the recall action begins.
                Daimlerca bus (China) Limited will notify customers in the form of registered letters. Users can get information about the recall by calling daimlerca bus (China) Co., Ltd. hotline 400-650-1516. Users can also register with the AQSIQ website, the inspection and supervision department, the website of the AQSIQ defective product management center, and the WeChat public number for more information. In addition, we can also call the hotline of the defective product management center: 010-59799616 or the quality hotline of the local inspection and quarantine organization: 12365 (turn 2), reflecting the problems in the implementation of the recall or the submission of defect clues.